About 3H IP

3H IP was founded by Helgi Hermann Hannesson. He is a European Patent Attorney with a Doctor of Medical Science degree in Medical and Physiological Chemistry from Uppsala University in Sweden, and has ten years of experience working with patents in industry, government and private practice. Before founding 3H IP, he worked for Budde Schou A/S, one of Denmark’s oldest and largest IP firms, where he drafted patent applications, responses to office actions, and opinions on patent related matters, mainly in the fields of immunology and medicine. He previously worked for the Icelandic Patent Office as a patent examiner, and before that, was responsible for the patent portfolio of deCODE genetics in Reykjavik, Iceland. Helgi grew up in the USA, so (American) English is his best language, and he is also fluent in Icelandic and Swedish, and knows some German.


3h(at)3h-ip.com            3H IP, Box 9008, 129 Reykjavik, Iceland